Let’s help Adem

Adem is a child that our Association follows from the health point of view because it suffers from a disabling and deforming disease, as certified by the doctors who are treating him.

He is 12 years old and lives with his family in Konjic and he is being treated at the pediatric hospital in Tuzla. We’ll try to finance the purchase of the medicine to be administered to Adem every 6 weeks for 2 years via a drip. The drug is called “Remicade”, it is produced by the Dutch company “Centocor BV” and it is distributed by “Schering-Plough”. The cost of this medicine, (which in Italy it is not marketable in the pharmacy, but only in the hospital setting) is about € 890.00.

To this day, we have financed some bottles and the improvement was significant, in fact now he can move the leg that was blocked, even if it is shorter than the other.

In August 2012 (as usual in our travels) we have met Adem, which has run towards us. It was a great commotion.

The child is followed by the social center of Konjic. This public institution purchase on our behalf the medicine and delivers its to the family which in their turn lead the medicine to hospital. Our association makes a considerable effort and relies on the Providence which operates through people of goodwill.

To help Adem:

You can help us by sending …

Payment by postal account no. 46934337 payable to “Associazione Fabio Vita nel Mondo ONLUS”

Bank transfer to Banco Posta current account no. 000046934337 to “Associazione Fabio Vita nel Mondo ONLUS”
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reason: “for Adem”.