Let’s help Selim

Selim is a 12 year old Bosnian child suffering from clubfoot and with a major mental retardation due to neurological problems (including a cyst present in the skull), and also due to a difficult socio-economic situation

Selim is suffering from acute myopia, his permanent teeth are already completely covered with tooth decay. His mom, his dad and his grandfather have reduced mental capacity. Selim lives at home with grandparents, mom and dad. The management of the entire family is entrusted only to the paternal grandmother that lives and works in Mostar. Selim use the diaper and is completely devoid of any autonomy. He does not know how to read or write, he does not even know the colors.
We hit a lot of his desire to walk and try to do things independently. He could not speak, but tried in every way to be understood.

At the end of March 2012 Selim was subjected to a series of investigations at the Gaslini hospital to assess his chances to do movements with lower limbs and the general state of health.
Was made ​​an orthopedic evaluation and a brain scan in which is revealed a cyst in the spinal fluid.
Selim took part at the summer camp with over 40 children, he was pampered by all the animators and all the volunteers. He has lived fifteen days in happiness and physical/mental regeneration.
During the visit, the doctor realizes that Selim missing 8 diopters per eye; the ophthalmologist prescribes lenses for glasses and begins to Selim the opportunity to focus on “the things of the world.”

Given the amazing transformation experienced at the summer camp, we have decided to look for a specialist center (in Bosnia) capable of integrating to therapies and school.
We have found this place in Mostar, by the Sisters of the Infant Jesus. This hospital is called “Casa Nazareth” and starting from October, Selim started attending the school for disabled children to learn the fundamental autonomy. He begins to learn colors and a few letters of the alphabet. Selim want to read. The operators and the sisters are very happy with the progress and commitment of Selim.

Selim (al centro), al campo estivo con due animatori

La storia di Selim