A roof… For a life

It is a project that support the construction and the furnishing of house for the refugees of the camp of Tasovčići-Čapljina.

The camp has about 115 metal shacks (containers) that are not equipped with toilets; some of these shacks have a water pipe used only for the washing machine (who have it).

In August 2008, in the camp of Tasovčići there were 121 families, for a total of about 420 people including 104 children. In the camp of Domanovići 22 fammilies with a lot of elderly and about 10 children.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and transparency, the financial support is provided in the form of materials that buys directly the Association. To facilitate the economic autonomy of the family once outside of the refugee camp, the Association, supports them buying (always through direct purchase of materials or animals) for the construction of a farmyard or for the formation of a small flock or for the construction of a small greenhouse.

Marko Andelić e la sua famiglia sono stati i primi a ricevere il nostro aiuto e vivono ormai da anni nella loro nuova casa.