Flying with the fantasy

This year we remember Serena Costa, who ascended to heaven at 19 years of age, the victim of the flood of November 4, 2011 in Genoa, which led to the start of this project.
“We fly with the fantasy”
The Association will set up a space for the projection of films and videos and video conferencing in the Grvabaca district of Sarajevo.

This project aims to provide “a film with a snack” to many children of Sarajevo who belong to poor families, that as an alternative are the road, or residents of the orphanage. This activity will enable these children to be welcomed into a warm and comfortable place (temperatures in Sarajevo during the winter are severe). They see a good film and are assured of having a nice snack.

Serena is in the smiles of all these children and will be on their faces to watch a movie will have the satisfaction of being able to enjoy a nice snack.