It is only with your help that we can help children and the poor of Bosnia to face life, and to overcome illness, cold, hunger, loneliness and abandonment.
Thank you for what you can do.

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Thank you for what you can do!

“To the children and the poor, to all those who suffer and are themselves, 
donate them always a Gaius smile; donate not only your care, but also your heart. 

It may be that you are not able to donate a lot, though we can always donate the joy that flows from a heart full of love.”

(Madre Teresa)

Una signora anziani sorride, in fila per ricevere il pacco famiglia preparato dall'Associazione
M. sorride anche se la guerra gli ha tolto molto e vive da 12 anni in un campo profughi. Un piccolo aiuto ed un abbraccio servono a mantenere quel sorriso.