Suor Kornelija con un bambino in chiesa
Suor Kornelija
Suor Josipa
Suor Josipa
Il convoglio in fila in dogana

The first trip, the meetings and the birth of the Association

In August 2003, Carlo, Carla, Rita, Nicolò, Amalia, Santina, Mariapaola, Elena e Massimo, met themselves for the first time, unique “Genoese”, on a bus traveling to Meðugorie in pilgrimage, accompanying a group of disabled people.
Amalia had four bag to be delivered to Sister Josipa, so we accompanied her.
Unfortunately Sister Josipa died in April 2003 and the work was carried on by his sister, Sister Kornelia that asked us di to help her children and let us present the difficulties for the winter.

returned to Genoa, we wondered how to help Sister Kornelia and September 8th, 2003 was founded the “Associazione Fabio – Vita nel Mondo Onlus”. The choice of name is a clear reference to the defense of life in the world. The name Fabio refers to the son of Rita and Nicolò, that died in October 2002.

So, we started to make food collections in front of supermarkets and began to accumulate groceries.
Now, there was only the transportation problem.

Thanks to Caterina (from Turin), we were put in touch with Alberto Bonifacio (From Pescate) and Josephine Mazier (from Tortona) and then we started our first convoy in December 2003 (December 28th, 2003)….

During this first convoy we have met Semir and his mom Mirsada, very sick. We have met “Baba Maria”, an old woman who lived in the refugee camp of Tasovčići, which the war had taken everything, also the five children.

Since that time, we made other convoys, we have met other person, with “different realities” and we have started some projects.

Thanks to our Lady and Her Son Jesus that in all of these years they have allowed us to help less fortunate brothers and we were always accompanied and guided by them during our convoys and projects.

Fabio Di Falco
Alberto Bonifacio alla guida del suo furgone Caritas
Alberto Bonifacio
Giovanna con in braccio un bimbo
Giovanna Brini